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Having fun with my little cars in the Morning feels super awesome.

Absolutely love being in this soaking wet Pampers and a Pampers T-shirt at the same time it makes me feel Super Little :)

-Danny ! 

-Yes Daddy!

-Are you ready to go out shopping with me ?

-Sure uhmm Kinda but DAD ! This shirt is uhmm a bit embarrassing :)

-Well It's a good enough shirt for a Little one like you still pooping in Pampers.

-Now get ready chop chop.

-Do you need help putting your shoes on ? OK Let me put your shoes on and
 let's go :)

-Aww Almost forgot open your mouth here goes your Yellow Paci :) to complete the Toddler Look :)

- How about the change dad ? I'm super soaked :)

-Ohh don't worry about that You'll look adorable waddling just like that and I will change you later in the mall once you poo your diapy :)

-OK Daddy Let's go let's enjoy this Saturday morning.

Hugs you all                           Schoolboy




Wow so squishy and wet


Hehehehe shopping with daddy in that diaper gonna be fun 😜😜😜😜


I have that exact same shirt


haha you're a pathetic boy in pampers, I hope your daddy brought you to the diaper department and made you wear a pack of pampers in front of everyone hug