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Hey all.

It's my second upload of the year. And again on schedule, early even. I didn't expect it to be done so early in the day. Didn't have time for a quick one in between, maybe later ;)

So we're back to my regular projects, since it's Wednesday. And we're still on digi-women. I briefly thought about maybe doing something from the past. But the digimon ended up being finished first. And this time another one that hasn't gotten much love. But not because she's fallen by the wayside and lewd artists have mostly forgotten about her. But because she's actually quite a new addition to the digimon roster. It's Angewomon X-antibody. They finally released her just in the later months of last year.

So of course I couldn't resist, and decided to show her some attention. Enhance some assets, show of those curves, put a penis in there. The works.

I would also like to take this opportunity to talk about me actually getting three new patrons over the holidays! I somehow completely forgot to mention it last time. Or maybe it's just two.

It's strange, and this has happened before. But I had 3 patrons starting out, I have 3 messages of new additions. The number should say 6 right now, because I have no messages of people leaving. But up there it says 5 for me. Strange that. But as I said this isn't the first time the numbers aren't adding up. And I wonder if it's just on my end.

So to just be on the safe side and not leave anyone out. Welcome my three new patrons! I'm endlessly thankful you've decided to, at least for the moment, support my endeavor with no expectations of getting anything special in return. Truly it warms my heart ;)

Enjoy your stay.

SoCarter out.



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