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Hey all,

As expected this was a day late, reason being I was working on something else, just going down my schedule, when I realized that it was indeed going to be Christmas in a few days, and I wouldn't be able to upload on Christmas itself. So I had to go back and start something new for a Christmas special. Didn't exactly offer me a lot of time to get this out the door on time.

On the plus side, it is now getting released CLOSER to Christmas, so I unintentionally brainfarted my way into a more fitting upload time. Yay me.

So merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all some very happy holidays. May your cocks be sucked, your balls fondled, your coochie's penetrated, and your titties played with. Looks like at least one gal is going to get some action at least. That busty redhead's never looked bustier, and those cocks seem rearing to turn this into a white Christmas for her. Time to unpack her presents~

And if I can't find the time between Christmas and new years to cram in another drawing, a happy new years too!

SoCarter out.



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