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Hey all.

Boy it's been a while since my last upload huh? and BOY is this different.

So I've talked about this mysterious thing I was working on I was maybe planning on pushing out on a monthly basis. Turns out that's not doable without diverting major amounts of my free time to it. Which sort of defeats the purpose of this being a side gig so I decided to just push them out whenever they're ready. This one I'm not even completely satisfied with, I wanted to do much more work on the background but it was dragging on and on and on for so long. Eventually you have to put your foot down and say enough. It's a bit barren and bare bones but eh.

I've also sometimes talked about how my lewd drawings aren't my usual style. Well, this is it. As a kid and teen I always wanted to go into creature design. Making monsters for movies, designing enemies for games, the works. So... that's where my specialty lies, creature design.

Which brings me to talk about what's up there. Because also as a kid I had a fascination with the monstrous and fantastical. And I always found those early 80's Conan the barbarian-esque fantasy paintings to be weirdly endearing. There was some pull behind the overly buff dudes with scantily clad maidens slung over their shoulders, standing atop the corpse of a recently slain beast. Its pulpy nature. The juxtaposition of the overtly sexualized beauty with the masculine savagery and monstrous intrigued me... probably why I like beauty and the beast so much. 

And I think writing it all of as a sexist male power fantasy is kind of doing that era of fantasy a disservice. Because, and I think you could also tell from my usual output on here, it could've been far, far more overt and 'worse'.

Of course seeing as this is a place for the sexual and degenerate I have no such qualms bringing it down to that level. So I made sure the stylize the sexy elf in the middle to be much like the rest of my work.

So the next one of these is going to be far into the future. I wouldn't be surprised if I was only able to put out one of these every 6 months even looking back at the process behind this one. But to smooth you over, should anyone want to see more of this, I AM working on a coloured version. to be released... eventually.

This was my first foray into drawing in my usual style digitally, as I tend to prefer drawing with pen and paper, so excuse any and all amateurish rookie Photoshop mistakes I have made. I'm only a beginner ;p

SoCarter out.

ps; after two really busy weeks things are calming down again at least until a little before Christmas, so imma see if I can squeeze in a bit of my usual stuff as well, no promises tho ;)



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